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Pie ChartAverage UK Petrol & Diesel Prices
as of Tuesday 22nd May

  • Price change icon Uleaded - £1.2681 (£5.76 per gallon)
  • Price change icon Diesel - £1.2940 (£5.88 per gallon)

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Simply enter your latest fuel receipt details; your total bill amount and the price per litre that you paid. We'll then calculate exactly how much tax YOU paid in your own personalised receipt to the right. Your personalised receipt image can be saved if you wish and is free from any copyright, so you can use it anywhere with our complete approval.
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Price trend

Think about the price of diesel at around £1.29 a litre at the pump.

The retailer gets just 5p of this, with a further 45p going to the fuel company for finding, extracting, refining and distribution.

The rest of the 79p of the price you pay at the pump goes to the HMRC in the form of Fuel Duty and VAT.

So a 60 litre fill up of diesel means £77.40 to you

  • £  3.00 - Retailer / Garage
  • £26.73 - Oil Company
  • £47.67 - Tax

Incredibly £6.95 of that £47.67 tax is the VAT on the Fuel Duty! A 20.0% tax on a tax.

Our aims:

  • Collect 100,000 votes (or more) on our e-petition
  • Stop the "tax on a tax" whereby the government is charging 20.0% VAT on Fuel Duty. This adds 9.0% (11.6p/litre) to your fuel bill.
  • Raise public awareness of the levels of tax we are all paying on fuel. Did you realise that retailers are legally obliged to show the full price of the fuel and can't show this tax separately - but we can!

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What are YOU going to do about it? If you think the UK motorist is being over taxed, please sign our e-Petition.

  • Think about what your mobility means to you, for your standard of living and that of your family.
  • Think about having no alternative to your car - forced to have a car and forced to pay through the nose to run it.
  • Think about how much the UK motorist already has to pay with hard earned, taxed income.
  • Think about what your family has to go without in order to pay £77.40 to fill up your car, of which £47.67 is tax, and £6.95 is an immoral tax on a tax!
  • Think about paying tolls to use the roads on your way to work or to enter the centre of your own town.
  • Think about paying again to park your car when you get to work.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018  
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