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How much of what we pay for fuel is tax?
Basically £46.97 out of £73.20 is tax - That's a massive 64.2%.

Has the tax level always been this high on fuel?
No. The government, until recently have been steadily increasing the amount of tax on fuel year after year.

Why bother doing anything?
It is easy to sit around moaning about how expensive it is to fill up the car with petrol or diesel. But we all need to speak up to at least try and halt the price increases, at best have the prices reduced to European levels. We need to keep up the pressure all the way using newspapers, magazines, radio etc.

Will the e-Petition make a difference?
Honest answer - I don't know. But I am sure that doing something is better than just sitting and moaning about it.

Why do you need my name?
Your e-mail will not be sold (or given) to anyone else - I hate spam like the rest of you.

I don't even drive or have a car, it doesn't really affect me.
If you buy any products, from food and drinks to furniture and clothes, you are indirectly paying for this tax. Just in case you don't believe me, try asking logistics companies or haulage firms - even a lorry driver. They will tell you how much the UK fuel taxes effect us all.

Is the government is doing this to help protect the environment?
The AA goes in to some depth on this issue, however, I have quoted one main point below. (See AA page) "Green house gases are produced when fuels of any kind are burnt - in the home, by industry, by motor vehicles. The AA believes that government policies to tackle greenhouse pollution have been poorly targeted. According to government models, last year's annual rise in fuel tax would produce no more than a one per cent reduction in CO2 - at a cost of an additional £53 per motorists (travelling an average 8,700 miles a year). Two energy-saving light bulbs, costing around £15, would have achieved the same effect."

Monday 11th December 2017  
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